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I agree to observe and act upon all Weiti Boating Club By-Laws and Policies,
including those listed below. I acknowledge that Paragraph C “Yard & Haulage”
is applicable at all times, with the exceptions the weight limit is reduced to 10
tonnes and the hauling methods include the use of a tractor.

1. The owner carries all liability at all times.

2. Insurance is mandatory: No insurance, no haul.

3. Members’ boats only will be hauled. Non-members by individual arrangement.
4. The maximum time in the yard is three months. An extension of time beyond three months
is by permission of the Committee only

5. The maximum vessel weight to be hauled or stored in the yard is 10 tonnes.

6. New hulls are not permitted to be finished in the yard or shed. Major rebuilds and
reconstructions are not permitted in the yard or shed.

7. The owner must provide one person to assist the owner with hauling and launching. Both
to be present two hours before each event. The slip-master will brief them prior to the haul
or relaunch commencing.

8. The owner must set-up the cradle arms to suit the vessel and provide wedges, keel
batons, etc. The owner must ensure all cradle bolts are tight and suitable for the load
imposed, and that the pads on the cradle arms are adequate.

9. Steel or ferro-cement boats over 10 meters long will not be hauled unless an official
weight certificate is presented and accepted by the slip-master prior to hauling. A limit of
ten tonnes maximum weight applies to all vessels.

10. All haulage applications must be lodged with the club manager. The Hardstand Sanding
Policy and Hardstand Run-Off Control Policy must be read and signed; no signature, no
haul. The Haulage Application Form must be completed and lodged at least three weeks
in advance. Hauls will be prioritised at the discretion of the club manager and slip-master.

11. Cradles; pine bearers are not permitted on any cradle. All cradles shall be inspected and
approved by the slip-master prior to hauling.

12. Sand-blasting, bead-blasting, grinding and hull planing are NOT permitted anywhere on
site. Wet sanding or wet abrading antifoul or paint is prohibited unless a detailed written
run-off management plan is submitted to the committee and dispensation is granted by
the committee. Dry sanding of antifoul and paint is prohibited unless vacuum extracted
machinery and drop cloths are used as required by the Hardstand Sanding Policy.

13. All ladders must be securely padlocked to the cradle when not in use.

14. Owners of boats contemplating an extensive refit to their boats must obtain permission
from the committee before proceeding. Allow for monthly meeting schedules.

15. The Haul/Launch sequence may commence 1½ hours before high water. Haul/Launch
movements will NOT be carried out after slack water high.

16. All dust, residue and paint flakes must be swept up and placed in rubbish bags and the
rubbish bags sealed prior to placing them in the jumbo bin. The area under and around
the boat shall be kept clean and tidy at all times. The owner/workforce shall remove all
debris/ rubbish at the end of every work-day, and immediately prior to launching the boat.


Application to haul a boat.
































Please read ...

Note : All the information requested opposite must be provided by the boat owner.

Weight of Boat : (10 tonne limit, certificate required if any doubt)

I understand, acknowledge and agree that the cradle set-up and haul and launch processes are undertaken at my instruction, and there is no liability on the Weiti Boating Club Inc or any person acting on behalf of, or assisting, the Weiti Boating Club Inc to haul or move or launch my boat.

I agree to abide by all the Club’s by-laws and I acknowledge I have read and accepted:

1) the by-law summary on (click to read)
2) the club’s Hardstand Sanding Policy
3) club’s Hardstand Run-Off Control Policy

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